Passport Promise Project is an organization that provides passports to inner city urban youth and struggling college students. In creating the Passport Promise Project we serve a dire need in the urban community. The need for young urban adults to foster new face to face relationships and partnerships with other young people around the world. The need to develop into well rounded individuals.

Let’s stop repeating the failures perpetuated in the classroom that breed destructive habits and poor performance among urban students. Students with a dire outlook on life and their future in this world. Via travel we hope to foster a mind changing dynamic for at risk youth, who have lost faith and hope in the possibilities of a meaningful life through education. Having a passport allows them to embrace the idea that change is possible and there is hope for them too!

We at Passport Promise want to ignite urban millennial minds to think about the world on a global scale. We want to give them a different path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

We want to give a sense of HOPE…

Our Mission

It’s a known fact that students respond better to education through the impact of educational trips.